Creating a visual
impression for business

Successful brands, products, and companies
all share one common thread:
a visual personality.

We partner with our clients, bringing to light what they have to offer, in a beautiful and concise way.


We partner with companies to create a comprehensive plan for all aspects of a brand to convey the brand’s purpose, niche, and deliverables in a way that moves the target audience.


We frequently partner with other small businesses to bring a full range of agency skillsets to our clients. Things like photography, signage, environmental design, and tradeshow presence all require a leader with experience. Simplicity is beautifully complicated, and we have almost two decades of experience leading teams in all aspects of the creative process.


We thrive in the details. Seeing projects through from conception to completion can include print management, photography direction, signage installation and more. Our clients appreciate the tasks we can handle so all they see are the finished products.


We believe websites should be seamless, easy to use, innovative, and stable. Content organization, staying on brand strategy, wowing the target audience, and always being aware of analytics, we know there’s more to websites than coding.

design + photography

Photography can instantly bring a mood and feeling to any medium, while the design strategically combines all necessary items beautifully. We contract with the very best photographers. Our design philosophy is one that emphases simplicity and impact.

identity creation

A logo should speak a thousand words at first glance. We enjoy the process of doing the research of comparables, planning the uses, and original sketching/concepting it takes to create a one of a kind identity.

We believe simplicity is the art of subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.
Tessa Williamson

"My goal is always to show you what CAN be: a new way, a more concise message, the best display of your company. I enjoy the challenge of working within the parameters of a client's needs, and pushing the envelope to develop an aesthetic that really brings their company to life visually."

Tessa comes from a long line of artists. But she is the first to follow that passion through fully, getting her degree from California State University, Fresno in Fine Art/Design. She utilized that degree by getting her feet wet in all realms of visual marketing: in multiple agencies, large printing firms, and finally settling into creating her own path by opening Simply Design. Tessa has won over 15 Addy Awards for her design and creative direction, is published in numerous publications, and volunteers regularly for nonprofits, bringing art and design to those in need. Tessa survives on coffee and unending support from her husband and two small children. When she's not burning the midnight oil, you can find her in the garden with dirty hands or hand-painting custom signage for her hobby business.