Bitwise Industries

We were at the table with the founders before Bitwise was Bitwise. In 2012, when Bitwise Industries was just an idea, the founders came to Simply Design with a tall order: name, brand, and create collateral materials for a parent company (they called The Mothership), and three divisions included in it. Oh, and do this is 3.5 weeks. So we stepped up and did it all. We created the name and mark that is now Bitwise. And we did the same with Geekwise Academy (Bitwise’s education division), Shift3 (Bitwise’s software company), and Hashtag (workspace). We launched all four websites, printed pieces, and created the visual personality for this massive entity out of what was once only a dream.

Not only were we there during the creation, but we’ve maintained their brand with more recent work done on creating the brands for their bigger building, Bitwise South Stadium, along with branding three more buildings as they grow – Bitwise 41, Bitwise Hotel Virginia, and Bitwise State Center Warehouse. We brought the news of their newest ventures to the Press with our all-encompassing press packet design.

Services Provided
  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Strategy
  • Environment Design
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design & Development
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