59 Days of Code

The single greatest flexing of super-nerd muscle this side of Silicon Valley. Founded in 2009, 59Days of Code launched a movement of underground coders and programmers into the mainstream popular culture. Working alongside the founder/innovator, Simply Design legitimized the gathering of geeks in a competition style convention. We merged tech-type graphics with people-centric imagery. We organized tons of information in clear and concise ways that was easy for even the non-technical to read and understand. We were behind the scenes, throwing one heck of a tech party for the world to view the new ideas the programmers had to offer. 59DOC began a movement of bringing technology to the Central Valley. Today, 59DOC reorganized as a nonprofit, continuing the legacy of developers as integral innovators in the community. We’d call this one a big success!

Services Provided
  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Environment Design
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