Nature’s Joy

The growers behind Nature’s Joy came to us with the idea that nuts needed to become part of our mainstream snacking options. With the means and machinery already in place to produce the snacks on a large scale, they needed us to create a name for the brand that they hoped would appeal to a large snacking audience. We did market research, finding the target audience to be primarily shoppers of the family meals: health-conscious moms along with kids grabbing in checking isles, and single, active people looking for  a quick, protein packed snack on the go. We gave them the name and brand look that feels fresh, clean, modern, all while drawing the audience in with color and packaging materials. Photography played an integral role in the overall high quality feel of the product, so we got our feet dirty. We were in the field on harvest day, up close and personal with the rain of nuts.

Services Provided
  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Strategy
  • Environment Design
  • Logo Design
  • Name Creation
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Web Design & Development
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